d Service - The Nemeth Group


Over time, even the best, most durable equipment will require adjustments or repairs. When a need arises our highly trained technicians have the know-how and parts to answer questions or provide on-site services for any make or model.

Preventative Maintenance

Extend the life of your equipment with regularly scheduled preventative maintenance. Our expert technicians train your team to maintain your systems, or we can schedule periodic preventative maintenance visits to help make your equipment run smoothly for optimum production.

Remote Support

Sometimes a simple telephone consultation with one of our RF experts provides your maintenance or production person with the additional technical expertise they need to diagnose and adjust your machinery. You can save money by avoiding the cost of an on-site repair. We are glad to provide this service as long as you purchase your parts and tubes from us.

We Service All Brands

We can even service equipment which we didn’t sell or install originally. Our highly qualified technicians have the expertise to service and repair equipment from these manufacturers and more!

  • Thermatron
  • Hall Dielectric
  • Faratron
  • Sealomatic
  • Faradyne
  • Solidyne
  • Seal Pac
  • Guild
  • Nemeth
  • Thermo Dielectric
  • Algus
  • Alloyd
  • Radyne
  • Cosmos
  • Kabar
  • Callanan
  • Dynatherm
  • Duomatic
  • HFT (High Frequency Technology)
  • Reeve
  • Compo
  • Markperi
  • Colpitt
  • Fiab
  • Kiefel