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DU-ALL 100 Hydraulic Press

Assemble doors, panels, frames, windows, and more with this versatile RF Frame Assembly Press. The two strong features of open work space and instant glue curing have made this press one of the most productive presses in the woodworking industry. It’s arrangement of two fixed jaws and a row of independent cylinders on opposing sides can provide pressure to virtually any shape with the help of a mold. The press is also available as double press. Because the DU-ALL’s bed has a thirty degree angle, molds can just be placed in the press, shortening changeover time. The DU-ALL Hydraulic Press is available in several models: DA-50, DA-80, and the DA-100. The DA-50 has 36 inch by 50 inch curing capacity and is available with a 3, 5, or 10 KW generator. This press is available as either hydraulic or pneumatic. The DA-80 Hydraulic Press has a 50 inch by 80 inch curing capacity and is available with a 5 or 10 KW generator. The DA-100 Hydraulic Press has a 50 inch by 100 inch curing capacity and is available with a 10 or 15 KW generator. *DU-ALL is a registered trademark of L&L Machinery Click Here to see the brochure.