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Industrial Radio Frequency (RF) Power Tubes:

We sell the most common types of tubes, and some of the more rare varieties as well.  We also sell rebuilt tubes.

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High Voltage Rectifiers:

Solid state rectifier assemblies, rectifier stacks, tube replacements, and individual diodes.

Inductors and Isolators:

Chokes and coils, supported and unsupported, custom and standard. Insulators: Standoffs, feed-thru, cap and flange, and others.

Vacuum Capacitors:

Vacuum capacitors, variable and fixed, glass and ceramic. Ceramic (Pancake), mica, doorknob, feed-thru and oil-filled.  Corona cups and mounting flanges.

Special Capacitors:

Ceramic (Pancake), mica, doorknob, feed-thru and oil-filled.  Corona cups and mounting flanges.

Other Parts and Accessories:

Resistors, double and single set point meters, panel meters, timers, relays, counters, vacuum switches, circuit breakers and flow switches.