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GLU-ALL* High Frequency Edge Gluer

The GLU-ALL is designed as a feed-through press, complete with a lay up table and an optional out-feed table for edge gluing and face gluing softwoods and hardwood stock.

The GLU-ALL also provides for rapid gluing. Glue curing occurs in seconds, resulting in a high quality, long lasting glue bond. Radio Frequency, also known as High Frequency and Dielectric Heating, refers to the use of radio waves, (5 mega Hertz) to heat (“cure”) glue. This system of glue curing has been in use since the 1940’s. Over the years, L&L has developed, improved, and refined the process to provide the most effective method of bonding available today in the furniture production industry.

In addition, the hinged top platen is another outstanding feature of the GLU-ALL. This unique top platen allows quick and easy access to stock and provides direct down pressure for easy assembly and even gluing of panels.

Ease of operation is an important component of the gluing process achieved with the Automatic GLU-ALL. Our unique “edge pressure system” completely eliminates the need to adjust pusher shoes. The press automatically adjusts to accommodate any batch gluing task. In addition, the GLU-ALL’s “automatic power tuning” function further simplifies press operation. External adjustments are made automatically without operator intervention. This feature permits operation by non-technical personnel.

  • The GLU-ALL Gluer is available in five models, the GA-43,  GA-48PN, GA-60, GA-84, and the GA-100.
  • The GA-43: standard 3 KW generator; 26 inch by 43 inch and up to 4 1/2 inch thick curing capacity.
  • The GA-48PN: standard 6 KW generator; 36 inch by 48 inch and up to 2 inch thick curing capacity.
  • The GA-60: standard 10 KW generator; 40 inch by 60 inch and up to 4 1/2 inch thick curing capacity.
  • The GA-84: standard 15 KW; 40 inch by 84 inch and up to 4 1/2 inch thick curing capacity.
  • The GA-100: standard 20 KW; 50 inch by 100 inch and up to 4 1/2 inch thick curing capacity.

All of the above presses are available with larger generators, custom-size platens, and specialized material handling options.

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