C-Press / Bar Welder Systems

20 kW C-Press With Auto Shuttle:

Nemeth bar sealers come in a variety of standard shapes and sizes and can be custom-built to handle your demanding product specifications. Sealer features ARCRESTOR Model Arc Suppressor, solid state protected power supply, built-in overload protection, precision-ground bedplate and heavy-duty frame construction

6 kW With 1 in. Bar:

The 10 kW unit, like other Nemeth bar sealers, serves a broad swath of industry. It can be used for products like air structures, awnings, banners, leak-proof bags, booms and canopies.

6 kW With 1 in. Bar:

This 10 kW With 48-inch Bar-It can be used to manufacture truck and boat covers, inflatables, medical products, pond and pit liners, shelters, signs, tarps and tents.

15 kW C-Press With Manual Double Shuttle:

Featuring an air-cooled RF generator, this heavy-duty system is loaded via a manual double shuttle. The high opening on the press allows for 3-dimensional sealing.

15 kW Deep Throat C-Press:

The deep throat on this manually-loaded press makes it ideal for creating air supported structure seams. The machine can be equipped with different types of wheels or castors; some are placed on tracks so the machine can be moved along the seam instead of moving the material.

15 kW Sealer With 48 in. Bar & #8211

The deep throat on this press with the long table featuring complete shielding makes for an ideal unit to produce long seams on large products. The heavy-duty industrial grade press, which has a solid-state power supply, is loaded manually.