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Power Tubes

The Nemeth Group, Inc has a huge inventory of both new and remanufactured tubes. A wide variety of air- and water-cooled tubes are on hand and ready for immediate shipment. New and remanufactured tubes carry the same warranty, yet remanufactured tubes offer significant cost savings. You name the RF power tube and we have it in stock. And, the price is right.

Vacuum Power Capacitors

Call or email The Nemeth Group, Inc parts department when you need a variable, fixed, glass, or ceramic capacitor and it will be promptly shipped to you.

Digital and Analog Controllers

The Nemeth Group Inc inventory features set point meters, infrared temperature sensors, process controllers, counters, SCR power controllers and programmable logic controls (PLCs) with operator interfaces. Call or email for details

Special High Voltage Capacitors

Ceramic, doorknob, oil-filled, feed-thru and mica capacitors of various types are available to meet your exacting needs. Call or email for details.


The Nemeth Group Inc has a vast inventory of timers, fixed and variable resistors, panel meters, relays and sockets, circuit breakers, special purpose switches, fuses and holders, as well as indicator lamps. Call or email for details.


We have industrial magnetrons in stock for immediate shipment. Call us with your specifications.


The Nemeth Group Inc carries a full line of solid-state rectifiers, tube replacements, diodes, MOVs and rectifier stacks. Call or email for details

High Voltage Inductors and Insulators

A wide variety of glo coils, corona cups, chokes and coils are offered. We also offer standard and custom insulators, including standoff, feed-thru and cap and flange. Call or email for details.

Shielding and Connectors

We have a large varieties of ground contact shielding, tube connectors and capacitor connectors in stock and ready for shipment. Call or email for details.


We have one of the largest transformer inventories, including plate, filament, rectifier, control and special purpose. Call or email for details.