d Nemeth Equipment - The Nemeth Group

The Nemeth Group. Inc, through the Nemeth Engineering Associates brand,  manufactures high quality, durable Radio Frequency systems. Our team utilizes experience and proven design when addressing your RF equipment needs.

If you have a question about an Radio Frequency System, we can help.

Autotrim Automotive 4 Post Presses:

End loading double shuttle for manufacture of automotive and plastic parts.

RF Carpet Pad Bonding Systems:

Used for bonding vinyl pads to automotive carpet, manufacturing high quality mattresses, and many other applications.

RF and Hot Air Composite Bonding Systems:

Used to create a strong bond between composite materials.

Ebossing Systems:

Designed for automotive trim embossing with extremely low tooling.

Packaging RF Welding Systems:

Used to seal 3-D consumables such as packaging.

Special RF Equipment:

Used for the manufacturing of curved plywood and other applications.

Continuous Plastic/Vinyl Welders

Continuously weld and or seal vinyl or heat sealable fabric.

C-Press / Bar Welder Systems:

RF bar sealers used for a variety of applications including but not limited to truck and boat covers, inflatables, medical products, pond and pit liners, shelters, signs, tarps, tents and more.

Conveyorized RF Dryers And Ovens:

Used to remove moisture content or prepare difficult materials for next step in manufacturing processes such as firing ceramics.

RF Laboratory Systems:

Numerous applications.

RF Rotary Systems:

Designed primarily for automotive interior trim. However, can also be fitted for other industries requiring volume quality production such as inflatables, medical products and packaging systems.

Thermoset RF Preheaters:

Numerous Applications