Hot Air Lab Composite Bonder:

 This unit was designed and manufactured by Nemeth for lab testing of hot air impingement bonding. Supplying a resonating, high-impingement airflow; this type of bonding equipment produces a very efficient, even thermal transfer.

Lab RF Composite Bonder:

Nemeth designed this unit for laboratory research of bonding composite material with radio frequency energy. Such testing later resulted in manufacture of heavy-duty presses by Nemeth that have been widely used in industry.

QC Lab Oven:

This oven was manufactured by Nemeth for lab use in quality control of materials to be used in a production RF bonding process. Nemeth supplies these ovens and calibrates older ones used by suppliers to the automotive and other industries.

Suit Sealer Custom:

manufactured for a supplier to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, this press seals suits worn by workers in the government’s chemical and biological decontamination program.