RF Carpet Pad Bonding Systems


75 kW RF press designed for durable, heavy duty, high production bonding. Used to bond vinyl heel, scuff and toe pads to automotive carpeting.


30 kW RF press custom manufactured to bond vinyl pads to molded automotive carpet. Similar presses are particularly suited to industries requiring volume production of large 3-dimensional or thick objects such as luxury automotive interior trim or thick products requiring tall dies or 3-D seals.


40 kW RF plastic welding system designed and built for industries requiring volume production, such as toys, furniture, trucks and cars. The 40-ton press features and over/under powered double shuttle, allowing operators to load one die while the other one is sealing in the press.


40 kW RF bonding/welding system used for high volume production sealing of large 3-D or thick objects such as luxury automotive interior trim and thick quality air mattresses. Press can also be used for other products requiring tall dies or three-dimensional seals.


40 kW, 30-ton RF system feature double shuttles with deep trays for bonding pads to automotive carpet. Carpet size for this particular press measures 76 inches by 104 inches.